Sunday, August 26, 2007

fare thee well

Our time in Utah is coming to an end. Tomorrow we will take the kids back to their mom and spend the night at my grandparents in Bountiful. Our flight leaves Tuesday morning back to North Carolina. There are many reasons why I will be very happy to be back in NC, but there are of course things to miss here. Namely--Olivia, Isaac, and Grace. Plus all my wonderful friends, many of whom I didn't even get to see. Plus, both Jared and I have wonderful extended family here with whom it's been wonderful to spend some time. It has been an adventure-filled summer, and we have many memories to take with us. I'll probably still post a few of the pictures I've taken here in the near future. But for my last Utah post, here are few that we took today.

Grace and Isaac before Church today.

Our attempt at a little family picture. I hate the background, but no matter where you stand around here you get the cinder-block palace in the background.

This is my favorite picture of all three kids! It's so hard to get them all smiling and looking cute. I was very happy I succeeded today!


  1. So cute those kiddos are! Hope you have a safe trip and have fun being just the two of you again for a while:)

  2. absolutely adorable. and enjoy your upcoming solo time with jared!

  3. Have a safe trip! And enjoy the king sized bed when you get home :)

  4. Katrina,
    I am so sad that you are gone and we didn't get together for dinner! We so wanted to, and then with vacations and work, August disappeared! Until next time, I guess!