Saturday, August 18, 2007

a day in los alamos

My parents live in Los Alamos, New Mexico-- "the town that never was." Before World War II pretty much all that was in this part of the Jemez Mountains was a ranch school for boys. But when scientists started working on the atom bomb technology they needed a place to all come together to work, and Los Alamos became that place. During those years, it was kept very secret; its residents' address was a post office box in Santa Fe. After the war, the Los Alamos National Laboratory expanded and fuels much of the economy of this part of New Mexico.

During our time at my parents' house, we spent an afternoon seeing some of the town's sites, which isn't much. It's a very small town. We went to the Bradbury Science Museum and learned about some Los Alamos history, war weapon technology, and some of what they do at the lab now.

I took these fun pictures outside the museum:

Then we walked over to the Fuller Lodge, home of the old ranch school, and then across the street to Ashley Pond. It was a really gorgeous day!

Last, we took a stroll back up the street where we ended the excursion with some yummy gelato!

Next up: Bandelier!

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  1. Just bumped into your site. I left Los Alamos just 2 days ago after a 2-month stint at LANL, carrying fond memories of the sparse yellow cliffs, pine forests, the sunny dry windy days and the sudden hailstorms. Btw, amazing hibiscus meadow up there!