Friday, July 13, 2007

summer walk

We enjoyed a cooler day (90 degrees) by taking a long walk. Here's some of what we saw and did along the way...

Climbed trees

Decorated Mummy with a new fashion trend--tree branch hair accessories

Visited the bell tower

Saw some little duckies

Had a couple pouty moments

Walked along the creek

And then played by the fountain...

until Daddy came to drive us home!

The end.
Happy Friday the 13th!!!


  1. As much as you despise that grounds crew when they wake you up, they sure to keep things in tip top shape, don't they? That grass is incredibly green! What a pretty day, I'm glad you got to enjoy it outside :)

  2. Great Pics....what a photographer you are. Ps. Hotty hubby (can I say that?)

  3. Thanks, Danielle! Of course you can say my hubby's a hottie! I think so too! :-)