Thursday, July 12, 2007

dinner for a hot summer day

First I would like to express my gratitude that it is only in the 80's today. After more than a week of mostly 100 degree temperatures, it feels downright balmy! And as soon as I post this I am going to go enjoy this nice afternoon outside.

Yesterday being very hot, however, we decided to try something new. This recipe also results from having a large amount of spinach that was about to go bad. So I found a recipe for Cold Spinach Soup and we decided to give it a try. We substituted tofu for the chicken and had ours with French bread. We were all a little skeptical, but I think it turned out pretty good. The kids even ate it pretty well. Jared and I decided we'd like it better with different spices (not dill). We are thinking perhaps fresh cilantro, garlic and a little chile powder. So if you are looking for a fresh, cool, and VERY healthy summer dinner-- try it out! It tastes better than it looks in this picture--I promise!


  1. Sorry, Katrina. I'm happy for you but I'm just too scared to try the soup. I can only take healthy eating so far.

  2. I love spinach and i think that looks good! Are you vegetarians at your house?

  3. Glad to know someone else thinks this looks appetizing. It really was quite good and I think it'd be even better made with cilantro.

    We are mostly vegetarians. Jared calls himself that although technically he's not because we eat fish. I call myself a pseudo-vegetarian. I'm not totally committed. I had a turkey sandwich during vacation with my family for instance. But we don't buy meat to cook with. And the kids are all vegetarian--they don't even eat fish!

  4. Ohh, yum! I think cold soups are totally underappreciated. We definitely need to get our families (esp. our cooking husbands) to gether. We're leaving town in a couple days, but i'll email you when we get back.