Monday, July 23, 2007


This is Grace.

She turned four years old on Friday.

Grace "loves" and "hates" many things. This list changes daily, usually depending on what she wants at that moment.
She wants to sit on her sister's bed: "I LOVE blue!" (Because Olivia's sheet is blue.)
She doesn't want to wear her blue shirt: "I HATE blue!"

But one love for which her affection never dims is her love for sea creatures. When Grace prays this is almost always included: "Please bless the shawks and whawes and jehwy fish and stah fish and scuba divehs."

So this is what her cake looked like.

And earlier that day we went here and saw these.

We even touched these.

Back at home, Grace got lots of fun presents. Perhaps you will notice a theme.

And that's not even everything. Can we say spoiled? :-)

But I think everyone's favorite part was the cake.

Grace especially liked licking all the frosting off the sea creatures.

Happy Birthday, Gracie! I love you!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Grace! May the coming year be filled with seashells and starfish!