Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Isaac turned 6 years old yesterday! He is probably the sweetest boy I know. He is so willing to share whatever he has. He loves to give hugs. He has the most darling smile. And those big brown eyes! Oh my, they melt my heart! (And look just like his Daddy's.) Isaac is a middle child through and through. Stuck between two very loud and sassy sisters, little Mr. Isaac has learned more quiet tactics to be heard. Isaac is an amazing little artist. He has a great sense for color and composition without even realizing it. And he also loves to take pictures! You can see from yesterday's post that he's pretty darn good. As the shyest of the bunch, it's taken longer to get to know Isaac and really feel like we are buds. But this summer has been great so far. There is little sound sweeter than hearing Isaac's child voice say, "I love you." I feel very lucky to have this boy in my life! As I heard Grace say today, "He's a good man!"


  1. happy birthday isaac! did he get a camera for his birthday? i was impressed with his photography :)

  2. No, he just used ours. He's not old enough for a real digital camera yet, but we let him take a few shots when he asks. Mostly he takes pictures of his toys, but I didn't put those ones up! ;-)

  3. Happy Birthday to Isaac. You are one lucky girl Katrina. He is a darling boy and you can see his kindness in his face. He reminds me of my baby brother. Every time he says, "I love you Andrea" it melts my heart into a big puddle on the floor.