Tuesday, June 26, 2007

dancing the night away

Last night during Family Home Evening we sang primary songs and danced around the living room. All three kids are quite the little interpretive dancers. We had a lot of fun. We also went around the room and said what we loved about each person. Unfortunately, I didn't write them down last night and so this afternoon I totally can't remember. Oh well...

I've also been having fun turning my photos black and white the last few days. It helps turn pictures taken at night inside with a flash into something respectable.

These photos were taken by Isaac (edited by me):

I LOVE this one! I did very little cropping.

Self-portrait by Isaac
Singing and dancing with Olivia.
And me. I was the only one who would hold still and smile for Isaac. (Check out the awesome messy hair!)


  1. love all the b&w pics. i bet its so fun to have such a darling bunch ready and willing to "strike a pose"

  2. Ha! Funny that you mentioned the black and white pics. I was totally thinking, "Wow, she's really into those now!" They're totally cute.