Sunday, April 29, 2007

my took home chef

I have my very own personal, live-in chef. Move over Curtis Stone-- Jared is my hot chef of choice. And I get him all to myself! My chef doesn't cook every night. After all, even chefs deserve a night off once in awhile. Fortunately, he also has a wife to cook for him every now and then. But I do admit, that he cooks more than 50% of the time, and his meals are usually better than mine. He's so much more creative in the kitchen than I am. He's a culinary artist.

Case in point: Friday night, we got home from work and school and Jared wanted to go out to eat at our favorite little sushi place--Akai Hana. I, however, did not want to go out. I wanted to stay home where it was cozy and not face the Friday night crowds. So, my ever creative culinary friend came up with the above meal. During our last trip to Costco we had splurged on frozen sashimi-grade Ahi tuna. To go with that, Jared also made the most delicious noodle stir-fry with red cabbage, carrots, bok choy, snap peas, and cashews. Yum! He fried all that in a sauce he whipped up with soy sauce, hot sauce, peanut butter, spicy mustard, and some Thai spices. Then he seared the tuna steak leaving it rare inside. He also made a sauce for the tuna with mustard, hot sauce, and soy sauce. It was SO delicious! The picture does not do it justice--not even close. It was definitely one of the very best meals my chef has made me yet--and he's made some darn good ones! (Like my favorite salmon and red potatoes.)

What did we have for dinner tonight? Here it is:

This I can take some credit for. The rice and beans was my idea. But since I've been sick the past two days, my darling husband/chef made it. Man, did it hit the spot! Thank you, Jared!


  1. mmmm. smart girl. give him lots of kudos and he'll never put the spatula down. {not that I know that from marital experience but I am somewhat familiar with how the mind works}

  2. I'm totally drooling over the Thai Tuna Steak and noodle concoction. Yumm! Does Jared take to-go orders?