Friday, January 11, 2013

Perhaps I shall blog again

I decided tonight that after taking all of 2012 off, I think I may resurrect this blog in 2013. A lot had changed in the past year and a lot hasn't. Mostly I want a place to write and remember that will last. I feel sad that I haven't documented Miriam in the same way I did Asher. And also, did you know you can post from your phone? I am blogging from my bed right now! Here is the proof... Dark, grainy photos of me and my snuggle bug Asher.

1 comment:

  1. I hope so. I have come to your blog to learn so much from you and from the links you include on your sidebar. I'd be lost without them! I found your blog when I was pregnant and someone had tried to tell me that redheads are in great danger of bleeding to death, or something like that. I kept reading, and even though I really struggled with your amazing home birth experience after my traumatic and injurious hospital birth, for some reason I kept coming back. Now, after coming full circle and finding a renewed belief in natural, physiological birth again (even though I haven't yet experienced it), I realize just how much I owe to you for that journey. If it weren't for your blog, there is so much I wouldn't have learned. And now that I'm finally in a local community that includes wonderful wise women like Gloria Lemay, I feel like maybe I'll get to be empowered like you were. This journey has also included a huge paradigm shift for me in terms of what my beliefs about being a woman are compared to what they once were. Your blog has really been influential in that aspect.

    All that's to say, thank you for your blog. You really do touch the world in ways you might not even realize.