Tuesday, August 23, 2011

14 months


At 14 months, Miriam...

is cuter than ever
can walk on her own but won't unless we are holding her hand
eats solid food every day, but still gets most of her calories from nursing
gives the most delicious hugs and kisses
adores her big brother Asher
sometimes hates her big brother Asher, like when he is sitting on Mommy's lap
loves music and dancing
loves putting on necklaces (see photos) and clothes and shoes
loves brushing her hair
loves footballs
sleeps with Mommy and Daddy
sings when she is tired
points her toes almost all the time (future dancer!)
has four teeth-- two top, two bottom
loves to go up and down stairs
can take off her velcro diapers
still loves Mommy best but will let some family members hold her for minutes at a time and likes hanging out with Daddy too.

She is looking way too grown up in these pictures.

1 comment:

  1. It's not a criticism, but seriously, dude, if my daughter had blue eyes like that Mimi, I would NEVER photograph her in black and white. The pictures are lovely, but the blue eyes! I want to see the blue eyes again!

    She really is getting so big! Isn't there anything we can do about that?