Tuesday, July 19, 2011

At least they are cute

Because my kids are driving me crazy this week.

We are on day two of Asher and Miriam being ridiculously high maintenance, and I am feeling the need to either run away or hide in the bathroom. These kind of days are usually few and far between, so to have two in a row is pushing me to the edge a bit.

Not only is my house strewn with toys and crumbs, but they are causing me bodily harm too. This morning Asher accidentally head butted me square in the nose. I practically saw stars. And then this afternoon, while sharing my burrito with him, he bit too far and came straight down on my thumb. I actually cried it hurt so bad. And it still hurts.

Miriam is teething and cranky and whiny. For a baby that is usually so happy, this version is getting old fast.

Oh, and we've got Asher down to nursing just once a day, Miriam is eating a lot more solids, and so my breasts are leaking like crazy. I smell like sour milk.

I am so hot right now.


  1. I'm right there with you this week . . . ugh.

  2. Aaaahh! Good luck--I hope tomorrow is a better day!

  3. Oh, so sorry dude. Those days suck.

    But at least they're only days and it's not your whole life that's like that. It will fade and things will get better.

    Incidentally, the Boy head butted me right in the nose the other day too. It crunched. I thought it was broken but it wasn't. Then I felt sort of bad for snapping at him and shoving him off my lap. I don't think I would have felt bad about it, if it had actually been broken!