Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday we all got dolled up and I really wanted to get some good pics of everyone. The kids had new clothes and looked great. But of course my dreams of great photos didn't come to fruition. Miriam had a fit and would not let the kids hold her for the pic. This is what we got:

Funny at least, right?

I did snag a few pics of the big kids individually which turned out pretty cute.

The girls were sweet together.

Asher just ran away however.

And here's Miriam with Daddy and one with Mommy.

(Also, for some reason the focus was not sharp on any of these. Annoying.)


  1. I LOVE Asher's face in that first one though, how awesome is THAT?!

  2. Miriam's dress is so sweet. I love the bright colors. Your pictures are always so beautiful.