Monday, March 28, 2011

back to the land of the living

We are finally feeling better around here! Miriam and I are still coughing a bit but its getting MUCH better every day. And Miriam finally is back to her usual happy self. Now I'm getting caught back up with photo editing and looking forward to the warmer temps promised for later this week. I'm sick of it snowing! Spring, please come for real.

I also need to finish up The Dance of the Dissident Daughter because I'm hosting my book group Thursday night. Which also means I need to clean my house for real. Housekeeping has been on the serious back burner during all this sickness.

Oh, and have I mentioned we have cable now? Stupid Comcast has a monopoly where we live with the internet and its actually the same price to have cable and internet so we got it. I love it but also sometimes wish we just got rid of the tv altogether. What I am really loving though is On Demand. I can watch so many shows that way. And its great cause lots of the PBS shows are on there too so I can put one on for Asher and know it will be over in 20 min. He is currently very into Caillou. I love hearing him say, "I watch Caillou, Mom?"

And I must admit that I missed TLC and Food Network and the Travel Channel, so its been fun to catch up on the few shows I really like while I edit photos.

In other news, my parents sold their house in Los Alamos and are finally officially, officially moving to Santa Fe. My dad's been commuting for awhile now so I'm sure it will be nice to drive less. They are probably going to rent a condo for awhile until they find a house they want to buy. I think my dad is kind of relishing his status right now of being completely debt free. :-)

And just for kicks, here's a pic of Miriam from a couple weeks ago.


  1. This isn't related to anything you said, but I have a question about the pictures you've been posting of Miriam. Is the necklace for teething, or just for kicks? Did you make it?

  2. Hey JB... yep its an amber teething necklace. The oils from the amber on the skin help with pain relief. Plus they are just cute. The one I got for Miriam is made by a company called Inspired by Finn.