Tuesday, February 15, 2011

a saturday afternoon downtown

Jared spent Thursday through Monday in North Carolina for a conference at Duke, which means I was home alone with the two little ones. (The big kids were with their mom.) This is the second time he's had to travel since Miriam was born. The first time was a longer trip and was physically more demanding because both kids were younger. This time for some reason, emotionally it was a lot harder to have him gone. I am so spoiled that Jared works mostly from home so I get to have adult conversation throughout the day. With him gone, I felt so lonely. I'm really glad to have my best friend home again!

My sweet friend, Olya, was really thoughtful and invited us to crash her mommy/daughter date on Saturday afternoon. We met downtown at the Church History Museum which has a fun little children's exhibit. The weather was absolutely gorgeous--sunny and 50 degrees so we also spent some time on Temple Square letting the kids run wild. It was wonderful to get out of the house, enjoy the company of a real grownup who is fun to talk to, and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Plus, we had AMAZING light and both captured some beautiful images. Olya's camera battery died but luckily our cameras take the same battery so we took turns switching mine back and forth. :-) I think we both appreciated having a few pics of ourselves with our kids since we are usually behind the camera. Thanks again, Olya for a wonderful afternoon! I've said in the captions which photos are Olya's.

How freaking adorable is this?
Taken by Olya
Is that joy or what?
I'm obsessed with the flare in this one!
Taken by Olya with my camera
Taken by Olya
Taken by Olya

On our way back to the car, Miriam got all puckered out and feel asleep in the stroller. Asher on the other hand was obsessed with all the fountains and we had to stop at each one so he could put his hand in it.
Asher calls her "Mimi Bear" when she's wearing this.


  1. we had so much fun with all three of you! It's been fun getting to know you better and enjoying your company, tonight included :)

  2. This looks like such a fun day. You both have inspired me to have dates with individual kids (ok, so I just have the one so far and she's tiny, but I'm planning ahead). I also love the photo of you nursing on temple square sans cover. I've gotten some flack recently for not using a cover and it's nice to feel not so alone, even if you are thousands of miles away.

  3. JB... have you seen my breastfeeding photo blog? atmothersbreast.com LOTS of inspiration to nurse uncovered there!