Monday, February 7, 2011

my birthday 2011

I had one of the best birthdays I've had in years I think. Jared went all out and really made it a special day. The morning was spent relaxing and such. Because we had had company the night before we did all our cleaning on Friday so we all got to just hang out on Saturday. Jared ran some errands and came home with this beautiful bouquet for me AND a gift card for a 90 minute massage! Oh, how I am excited for that one!

We had already discussed the fact that I wanted Indian food for my birthday dinner and a Costco chocolate cake for my birthday cake. The cake was purchased the night before and I was under the impression that Jared was cooking me dinner. At about 4:30 or so I was about to get in the bath when Jared's mom and step-dad show up. I thought they just happened to be in Salt Lake (they live in Provo) and so stopped by to say hi when Jared informed me that we were going out to dinner. I thought he meant we were all going out but then he said "And they are here to babysit!" 

I was SO surprised! I was not expecting that at all. Jared even insisted that we leave Miriam. I was reluctant at first because Miriam does not like being left, but since we were only going to dinner and my mother-in-law insisted they'd be fine with her, I relented. And I'm SO glad I did. It was WONDERFUL to eat dinner without any babies. We went to Bombay House and had a wonderful date. Here are pics of us before we left.

I didn't bring my camera to the restaurant so no pics of that but when we got home we had the cake. I had never had one of Costco's chocolate cakes but had always wanted one. They are delicious and so rich! Note the chocolate shavings on the sides--best part.

It was a seriously great day. Jared's stepdad even cleaned my stove! That was a job that really needed to be done. Such a great present! I should have taken a picture of my in-laws. Oops.

On Sunday my brothers (and my brother's girlfriend) came over for dinner and we had more cake!

And then on Monday my other big present came-- Jared ordered a new memory foam mattress pad for our bed. The one we've had for the past 4 years had just worn down a lot and was no longer as supportive. The new one is fantastic! Our bed is heavenly. I love memory foam. Oh and he also bought me Carol Lynn Pearson's The Flight and the Nest.  Such a great book.

And to round out the birthday celebrations, my sister Lauren sent me Sally Mann's Immediate Family. I love Sally Mann. Her photography is so amazing, brave, and beautiful.

We've already been enjoying my gift from my parents--our gorgeous rug!

It was so fun to be surprised on my birthday and to feel so much love from my family. Thank you to everyone who helped make it such a special day/weekend!


  1. What a great husband you have!
    I LOVE that cake too!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day. I'm a little jealous of the Indian food. I can't wait to get back to the states for some of that. I miss it already. Happy getting older to you!