Thursday, February 17, 2011

baby feet and other ramblings

Are baby feet not the cutest things ever? I had kinda forgotten just how freaking adorable M's feet are since, it being winter, they are usually covered in socks or footed rompers or shoes. The past several days were quite warm for February so M was going barefoot around the house, and I have really been enjoyed her cute little tootsies. She's always pointing them and swinging them and touching them together in the most darling of ways. I must confess, that I have secret hopes she'll be a dancer some day.

Also, I think she may be working on her bottom teeth. Man, she's been crankier than usual the past few days. Yesterday wore me out. She wasn't crying tons but just lots of whining. I was SO ready for bed time. I hope these teeth either make an appearance soon or give her break for awhile. Neither of my kids seem to handle teething very well. Asher just got his top two year molars and we had a few really hard nights with him. He still needs his bottom ones so that should be fun.

I was in a seriously funky mood myself last night. I'm not sure exactly why other than being worn down by kids. My house is disaster and I am tired this morning. Wishing I could just go back to bed. I need to clean and start tackling the humongous pile of laundry that I've been ignoring for a week. Blech.

I feel like I should end on a better note than that so here's this: Jared picked up Photoshop CS5 for Mac while he was in NC. Having the student discount means we get to buy it for 1/10th of the retail price! I've been really enjoying having Ps on my Mac instead of having to use windows all the time to edit photos. I HATE windows. When we bought Ps a few years ago we didn't have the Mac. I'm still getting used to the new version and stuff but I love it!

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  1. That's one of my favorite things about moving down here - my little Bean gets to show so much more skin. I love touching her sweetness all over. And you're right, the toes are irresistible.