Sunday, January 23, 2011

my nurturing boy

I love this picture for two reasons. 
1) I love that Asher is nursing a baby doll. 
2) I love that he holding his truck while doing so.

I've seen quite a few pictures of kids pretending to nurse their baby dolls, but Asher just barely started doing it. Usually he asks me to nurse his toys. I've nursed dolls, dinosaurs, puppies, sharks, fish, pandas, etc. It's pretty adorable. And now he's started nursing too. I love how nurturing he is. But still has that car! Cars are his favorite toy by far. At least he hasn't asked me nurse them!

Which reminds me that I never posted this picture of him from November with his tractor wrapped up in a blanket like a baby! Oh this kid cracks me up. 

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