Saturday, December 4, 2010

thanksgiving highlights

This year we spent Thanksgiving up in Park City. My parents came up from New Mexico and rented a condo for us all to stay in. It was really nice! Because the ski resorts in PC weren't open yet last week, we got the condo really cheap. It had 5 levels, 2 master suites, 2 other bedrooms, a sauna, a hot tub, pool table, two living rooms, etc. My favorite part was the big jetted tub. I took like three baths in three days. My dream home will have a large tub in it.

Anyway, my parents, siblings, and all 7 of us stayed at the condo for three days. Then all my moms family came up for Thanksgiving dinner. We had somewhere like 35-40 people there. Good times. Here are some photos from the weekend.


  1. Ah! I am so glad you left a comment on my post because it reminded me that I have been meaning to come over to your blog and tell you where that colorful wall is. I keep forgetting! Anyway, it is on the corner (southwest) of 900 S. and State St. in Salt Lake. You can see part of it from the street, but it bends around the corner and there is a huge wall all painted like that. There are some other cool walls right around there as well.

    I loved the article you linked to by Kathy Soper. Her son is actually one of my students and I have come to really admire her as I have interacted with her for almost 2 years now. She articulated so many thoughts that I have had (and struggled with, to be honest), and I really appreciated her insight. I would love to read (or hear) about your thoughts on the subject sometime.

    Your kids are darling. Miriam keeps getting cuter and cuter. I'd love to get together sometime in the new year and let our kids play :).

  2. So I'm guessing you are a mac family?

  3. Yea -I am LOVING the pic of everyone lined up on the couch with their mac laptops! That rocks! You should send that one into apple for some kind of contest or something. :)

    Still blows my mind your babies stand like that... that would make me sick with worry! lol!