Wednesday, December 15, 2010

danielle with child


Last week, while visiting my friend Danielle, I talked her into letting me take some belly shots. Danielle could birth her little guy any day now, so I'm glad we were able to take these, despite the less than ideal light. (It was very rainy and dark that day.) You can see more images on my photography blog.

 Danielle is one of those friends who I feel totally myself with. I think it's actually quite rare to find those friends. I never feel judged by her. I know that my house doesn't need to be totally clean when she comes over. We mother in a similar way so she doesn't think I'm weirdo. But even in the things we do differently, there is just acceptance and understanding.

I was telling her all this when I was over there, and she said she thinks its because we chose to be friends as adults. We aren't friends because we grew up together, or happened to be roommates in college, or live in the same neighborhood. (Not that I don't love all those friends too!) We choose to be friends because we really like each other! I just wish we really were neighbors so we could see each other more! Love you, Danielle!

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  1. Katrina...Thank You! SO much for these! Really its such a gift. And even though I sort of tried to weasel out of getting my picture taken and was probably more annoying with all my giggling than a squirmy 2-year-old, I will really treasure these photos always! Always.

    Thanks for being my friend;) (and for using your mad skills to capture my giant belly in a cute way;))