Monday, October 25, 2010

Miriam is 4 months old

Miriam turned 4 months old on Saturday. Unfortunately Saturday and Sunday were both cold and rainy so I couldn't take pics of her until today. Well, I'm glad I had to wait because inspiration struck this morning! I knew I wanted to photograph Miriam outside since we have crappy lighting in our house. And I knew I wanted her to wear her hand knit bonnet and her knit romper. Then I had the great idea of putting her in a basket so she could be sitting up. But where to photograph her? I went outside and immediately knew the perfect place--the walk on the side of our house! Why have I never thought to photograph anyone there before? It worked out perfectly. These are now some of my most favorite images I've ever produced. I mean part of it is because they are of my beautiful baby. But also I just love everything about them. The setting, the colors, even the obvious chill in the air.

Could Miriam really be any cuter? She smiles so much and laughs the most adorable giggle. She's quite ticklish which she finds very strange. She lights up with she sees us and we all just adore her. She loves being close and hates sleeping alone. She loves to stand in my lap. I can tell she will be very happy once she can move around and get into things on her own. She hates being on her tummy. Like really hates. Tummy time only lasts about 10 seconds before she's screaming her head off. She is most content to be in my arms, but saves some of her sweetest smiles and coos for her Daddy--just the person she happens to be looking at in these photos.

Oh and a kinda funny story...Church yesterday was a regional conference so we were at the Stake Center. When the meeting got over I was making my way through the crowded hall with Miriam in my arms. She was wearing this same outfit. A woman almost ran into us and as she past exclaimed, "Oh! I though that was a doll!"

I actually get that comment a lot about Miriam--how much she looks like a little doll. I think it's especially true when she's wearing a hat. :-)


  1. Those eyes are incredible! Beautiful baby! I just nominated you for a blog award on my blog. Check out the "Pertinent Post" and don't forget to nominate your own bloggers!

  2. I LOVE these photos. So beautiful and the colors are just perfect. I wish you were closer so I could hire you to do our family photos for this Christmas! My mom offered to have my dad take the pics I need to make Christmas cards, and it was a little hard to explain the whole modern concept of being creative and capturing moments more than poses.