Thursday, September 9, 2010

temple quarry trail

Last week I took some breastfeeding photos at Temple Quarry trail. I had never been there but discovered it is a delightful little trail at the base of Little Cottonwood Canyon. There are lots of great spots for photos and TONS of rocks to climb, so I knew we had to bring the kids back there. Monday being Labor Day, we loaded the kids up in the 'burb and set out to explore.

The trail is named Temple Quarry because this is the area from which the settlers of the Salt Lake valley got the granite to build the Salt Lake Temple. There are still chisel marks in some of the stones. One of the coolest things about the area is that at this time of year the creek bed is dry so its just a huge stretch of rounded rock. Very fun to climb and a great place to find cool rocks to take home. We told the kids they could each pick one and so of course Isaac and Olivia found one to fight over. Other than that, they all really enjoyed themselves. I think we'll be going back there. And I will definitely be suggesting this as a site for future family photos.

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