Tuesday, September 28, 2010

baby shoes

I'm not that big into babies wearing shoes before they can walk. Although they can be cute, it seems rather pointless to me. However with the coming of cooler weather here in Utah I've realized that socks do not like to stay on Miriam's feet. I got sick of constantly putting them back on so I decided she needed some shoes. I figured some simple Robeez would work well because they would fit her for awhile and stay on her feet. I set out to check out our local children's consignment store and got lucky! Check out the darling good as new Robeez I bought... two for less than the price you'd pay for one pair new.

I love the little faux fur detail. The inside is so cozy!

Don't you love the moccasin fringe on these? 

Miriam's feet are gonna be toasty all winter long.


  1. We love Robeez here at our house too. They were the only shoes our little guy wore for the first 15 months, and were perfect for when he learned to walk.

    As for socks, I had the same problem. Everything rolled off his leg and eventually scooted off the foot. Nothing stayed on...until I found a set of ankle socks at Walmart (or whatever they are called - the kind that only cover the foot and stop at the ankle) They come in plain white, so it works for both boy or girl, though you will find them closer to the boy's section of socks. I'm not usually a Walmart shopper, but this the was the only place I could find socks like that. In the winter, I just combined them with Baby Legs so his legs wouldn't get chilly.

    Someday, I hope we get to have a girl. Shoe shopping and clothes shopping for a little girl must be so fun!

  2. Those are perfect! Where did you find them? I need to be a better thrifter.

    Glad you like the sweater;)

  3. Inkling: We actually have those socks from walmart. They've been great for Asher especially. But they still fall of Miriam's feet. I think it's because she likes to point her feet and so her heel disappears and slips out.

    Danielle: Kid to Kid. I totally lucked out. You can score some great stuff there on occasion.