Wednesday, August 25, 2010

miriam's blessing

Miriam was blessed Sunday at Church in the same blessing dress that I wore as an infant. Miriam's Great Great Grandmother bought this dress 27 years ago. Me and my two sisters each wore it for our baby blessings and now my daughters (and hopefully future nieces) will wear it too. I love how simple it is with just a few delicate details. And how precious is the bonnet? I can hardly stand the darlingness of it all.

The blessing Jared gave Miriam was really beautiful. My dad, my brother Michael, Jared's stepdad Mike, Jared's uncle Scott, and the bishop were all in the circle. I'm so grateful these men could be there for Miriam's special day. Both of Miriam's grandmothers and her Great Grandma Teddy were also there along with all of my siblings.

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