Wednesday, August 18, 2010

it's been too long

There has been a serious lacking in pics of the babe around these parts. I got rather behind on my photo editing and am in the process of catching up. Here's a little sampling of my pretty girl from the past couple weeks....

From August 4...

From August 10...

Look at her lift up her head!

And check out the pout...

And best of all we've been seeing A LOT of these lately...
From August 11...

I sure love this baby girl.


  1. she really is SUCH a pretty baby!

  2. I need you to do a side-by-side display of the one of Miriam sitting on Jared's lap and I think you a similar one of Asher...I need to see them around the same age together.

    I'm looking for genetic similarities. She's super cute but she doesn't look much like Asher--am I right? I need to see them together around the same age to be I think it's just cute to see brothers and sisters around the same age together...

  3. mmm, i want to hold her and smell her.
    she's darling.

  4. I love baby photos! I thought that you might find it sadly ironic that my work blocks your At Mother's Breast blog as pornography. Sort of proves your point about how much of the world feels about breastfeeding.

  5. yes she is pretty :)
    hope all is well