Monday, July 19, 2010

great post about extended breastfeeding

Photo by my friend Nicki Wright of Nixi Photography

Bellies and Babies has a great guest post about nursing beyond 6 months into (or beyond) toddlerhood. Reminded me of so many of the reasons why I am still nursing Asher. It's definitely worth reading even if you can't imagine nursing past a year. Check it out.

Also, the Breastfeeding Cafe is hosting a blog carnival the next couple of weeks in preparation for World Breastfeeding Week next month. Lots of great posts!

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  1. With my new pregnancy my milk supply vanished and I basically could only nurse once a day... now we dont nurse anymore I have nothing left since I had a bad kidney infection that made it so that I cant nurse at all b/c of the antibiotic... so sad.... You are lucky you could continue through your pregnancy.