Friday, July 2, 2010

floral friday

Another rose from a walk a couple weeks ago. Roses may be cliche but they are so beautiful and fun to photograph. There are just so many different kinds!


  1. Gorgeous. You know I love your flower photos. These always make me think of paintings, and the combination of exquisite detail in the foreground and blurring in the background is particularly pleasing.

  2. Congratulations on the new arrival!! I've been sooo behind on my blog reading that I didn't see this great news until now. Hooray for little girls! Sooo happy for you, Jared, and the kids!

  3. Hey, I stumbled on your post about your beautiful breech birth by a facebook link. I am an LDS member from Australia who lives by similar ideals to you. I am a birth attendant in training who supports homebirth, baby wearing, breastfeeding and newly vegetarian. I will be following your blog, from now on. Glad I came across it.