Thursday, July 15, 2010

Asher and Miriam

Those are some good Bible names, are they not? I didn't even know I had an affinity for Bible names until I had to name my children. Which reminds me of a kinda funny story.

A couple months ago I was at the park with Asher. There were two dads there with their little boys and all the kids were playing in the sand pit. One of the dads was chatting with me and we were exchanging names and such. When I told him Asher's name he said that they had considered naming their son that. Then he asked me what we were going to name the baby. I told him and said something like, "Yeah apparently we have a thing for Old Testament names." He said, "Oh I didn't know Asher was in the Old Testament... So what religion is the Old Testament anyway?" I replied, "Oh Jews, Muslims, and Christians all use the Old Testament." This was apparently quite surprising to him. :-)

But back to my cute kids...

Here are some pics of the first time Asher held Miriam when she was two days old. I just love these.

This one is going on my wall... love it!

And then these are all from yesterday. Can you tell Asher really loves his little sister? He loves to come up and rest his cheek on her head or face, and he's been wanting to hold her quite a bit the past few days. He also gives her great kisses.

Here I let him hold her without helping so I could take the picture. Not sure Miriam appreciated that.

And then here's a couple more of each of them just because they are cute.

This was the first time he actually smiled for the camera when I asked him to. 
That is dried strawberry jam on his face by the way.

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