Wednesday, June 16, 2010

and the drama continues

Yesterday I went up to the University Hospital and got an ultrasound as a preliminary step in getting a version to turn this baby girl around. Well everything was great except that my amniotic fluid levels were quite low. Much too low to do a version, and low enough to cause concern that something could be wrong with the baby. The OB said many of his colleagues would recommend doing a c-section that night since I'm considered full term and the baby is breech anyway. He recommended we do a non stress test where we spend an hour or so on the fetal heart rate monitors and make sure the baby is happy. I opted to go to my midwife's office to do this instead of the staying at the hospital. And happily, baby is doing great.

I'm currently on orders to "hydrate like hell" and take it super easy today in hopes that I can get my fluid levels up. I will go back bright and early tomorrow morning for another ultrasound to see if they've risen. Hopefully they will be high enough that we can then attempt to turn her. A breech vaginal delivery is definitely an option, but it really complicates my homebirth plans. I REALLY want to get this child head down.

This has been such a great pregnancy and its been really nice to not have the preterm labor that I had with Asher, but its hard not to get discouraged right now. I SO SO SO want a peaceful homebirth. I have worked and prepared so much for this. Most importantly I want a healthy baby. And I want her to have a beautiful natural start to life.... not cut out of me if its not absolutely necessary.

So now I need more prayers. Prayers that my levels will go up. That she'll turn. That I'll feel peace about all this. It's really comforting to know that people are praying for me.


  1. I'm so sorry. I was thinking about you all yesterday. My thoughts and prayers are with you today as well. Good luck with whatever happens.

  2. sending a prayer right now. praying that she'll turn, but also praying that you will feel happy and at peace with however she comes. but mostly praying that she'll turn :).

  3. This was my birth story with my son and because my fluids were too low they had to do an emergency c section. I hope that everything turns out the way you want it but end product is the same either way... A healthy baby! Good luck my thoughts and prayers are with you!

  4. Healthy Mom Healthy Baby That's all that matters. I had c- sections with both of my kids. I would not be here today if it wasn't for the amazing medical profession that we have. If you end up having a c-section Don't feel bad or Beat your self up because its not worth it. I understand when you have a plan to what kind of birth you want and how it can get hard when its not exactly going the way you want it. But the Lord will guide you and will be there for you either way. I had a plan to have a VBAC with Capri my second child at the very end of labor I dialated to a 9 and spiked a fever of 105, my doc was optimistic, but after an hour of tylenol it was not going down,when they got in I had a terrible infection that could have caused my life and my child's, the delivary is NOT what I wanted. But I remember at the very end I had a feeling that having a c-section was the right thing to do. Its okay to have one, Just think and be glad we have that, be glad its there for the health and safety to both Mom And Baby. You are Not a Bad Mom you have done your best, and like I said the lord has a plan for a reason you may not know it is now, but there is a reason. Stay Optimistic but if it does not end the way you want it don't be angry just know YOU are doing the best for both. If you want more children and you have a c-section with this one you can always go VBAC which I still highly recommend, I have had friends with very successful VBACS. Much love and thoughts come your way, We are just excited to see this little one healthy and happy.