Sunday, June 13, 2010

37 weeks

I'm a few days behind getting this post up. I've been extremely lazy all weekend and it has been glorious. We spent most of yesterday watching an entire season of Bizarre Foods on Netflix watch instantly. I love that show. And since the past few days have been unseasonably cold and wet, I didn't feel at all guilty staying in my pjs all day. 

As for this kid I'm growing... she is still stubbornly refusing to turn despite our best efforts. The plan is go see an OB at the U on Tuesday who can try to turn her the hard way. They will do an ultrasound first and then we'll probably schedule the version for the next day. I would LOVE for her to turn before then of course. It will save us the effort, worry, pain and money of going through the version. But I am feeling quite peaceful these days that everything is going to work out. The good news is that if she doesn't turn she is in the best position as far as breech goes. She's a frank breech, meaning that her feet are by her head and she's in a pike position.This is the safest breech because the bottom comes out first and prepares the way for the head. 

We certainly do appreciate any and all prayers that she'll get herself upside down in the next day. Or if that doesn't happen, that the doctor will be able to turn her. Ideally, I'd love for her to turn tonight and then be born on Friday. My parents are coming into town next weekend so the timing would be fabulous. Of course, I won't be counting on such perfection. But a girl can dream, right?


  1. So will your doctor let you try to deliver if she doesn't turn? If so, it will be a really interesting story you'll be able to tell of her birth. I don't know of too many natural breech births out there!

    What I'm about to say is NOT meant to be discouraging AT ALL. My sister-in-law just gave birth three weeks ago to a little girl in the same position, one just under 10 pounds in fact. But they had her do a c-section, and the baby has to wear a special brace for her hips 16 hours a day until one of the hips grows and gets to the proper angle. I guess being in that position for so long put her hips out of joint, and it's better to treat it during early babyhood. My sister-in-law is an orthopedic nurse, and one of her 20-something patients had a double hip replacement because she was born with the same thing, but it was never dealt with during babyhood. So far their baby is doing awesome and each ultrasound the pediatric orthopedist does shows improvement on the hip angle. The only thing my sister-in-law said that still shocks her today is that it took so long for her little one to fully "unfold" after birth. But you'd never know it now, just three weeks afterward.

    I'll be praying that your wee one is totally safe and her hips are not a problem. And I'll be praying for safety for you and a good birth that brings only joy and celebration. And of course, prayers for this little girl to stop practicing such talented diving moves in your womb and to decided to give you a drama-free birth. =)

  2. I'll be sending more prayers your way! One of my nieces was breech and she had to get the hip brace too, though we did take it off for newborn pictures :). One of my nephews was a footling breech and he always propped up one foot on everything (high chair, in the car seat, etc) for over a year; it was really cute!

  3. Well you look just you've got that going for you...which is nice:)