Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dude, I'm gonna be on the radio tonight!

Breastfeeding is in the news.... again. Tomorrow night ABC news is airing a piece about breastfeeding mothers getting harassed for nursing in restaurants. And another mother, this time in Canada, recently got an apology from the city of Ottawa after a lifeguard at the local pool told her to cover up while breastfeeding.

Here in Salt Lake, KSL Newsradio will be talking about the topic on the Nightside Project. One of my college buddies is a host and he's asked me to come on and talk about this from a mother's perspective. I'm not an expert or a lactation consultant. But I am a mom and with my little breastfeeding project, I've been talking to a lot of other moms about this. Hopefully, I can help show that breastfeeding is a totally normal and natural thing. And that breastfeeding mothers should be supported and encouraged, not harassed.

Wish me luck! And call in if you want to weigh in on the issue. You can listen at 102.7 FM or 1160 AM. I should be able to post a link to the podcast tomorrow.


  1. SOOOO cool! I am so excited for you! Post the link so I can hear it, I have a lot of strong feelings on this too and they pop up when I'm nursing myself. I hate feeling like I have to leave a public place for the sake of others to feed my baby in the healthiest way. I remember leaving Olive Garden with a newborn to sit in a car when it was 105 degrees out in Dallas because Josh was a little uncomfortable with me doing it in public, so I went to the bathroom to do it but there weren't any chairs, so I just went to the car. I don't think that's what he envisioned but we were so new to this and he was concerned about my privacy, well, that's changed. I mean he's still concerned but I'm an avid do it where I need to do it kind of mom now. Even if it's in the middle of church, I don't want to go to a stinky or freezing dark room (as was our Houston mother's lounge) to nurse, I want to sit with everyone else and feed my baby and listen to the talks and I'll do my best to cover up for everyone's sake. That's my compromise.

  2. Heard you tonight (and, random, found out by finding your blog that I know you from BYU days!) - you did great! - I'm going to e-mail you now.