Thursday, May 6, 2010

32 weeks

Its been four weeks since I took a belly shot. I kept forgetting when I was actually dressed and it was light outside. I am definitely feeling pregnant these days and getting excited to NOT be pregnant anymore. I don't feel that hindered by the size of my belly, but I've been having some really annoying pain in my groin, which I never had with Asher. I guess its probably my ligaments stretching or something. Whatever it is, its not fun and makes getting around harder. AND Baby Miriam is still breech. If she hasn't turned by next week at my appointment, I'm going to go see a chiropractor. Say some prayers that she'll get head down soon!


  1. I had that pain in my groin with Clara, probably because she was breech! I am really hoping your baby turns soon too. Will your care providers let you deliver a breech baby?

  2. You look great! I have a lot of pelvic pain with Zoe (not sure if it's the same thing you're describing). My midwives said it was due to an abundance of relaxin, the hormone that loosens everything up for delivery. Basically, my pelvis was starting to split/widen very early in the pregnancy. It doesn't cause problems, but it's super painful.

    This time around it's starting already--I've heard it's often worse with subsequent babies.

    The good news is there are a few exercises that can alleviate the pain a bit. Email or give me a call if you want me to describe them to you.

    I've heard wearing one of those pregnancy girdle things can help because of the support they offer, but they seemed worse to me than the pain :)

  3. I ended up using the Webster chiropractic technique to get Kylie to turn...and it did work! Good luck!

  4. i just finished a hypnobirthing class and she recommended a book about repositioning your baby i will get the name to you asap.

  5. I went to a chiropractor with my second when I was having painful contractions at 28 weeks. My pelvis was not really moving and my pubic bone was out of alignment and with ONE adjustment the pain was gone. With more the baby repositioned. Dr Kristina Stitcher was great! They turn breech babies too! Good luck!