Monday, March 15, 2010

shaun white hair disaster

Last night I dreamed that I went to a salon in the middle of the night to get a hair cut. When I walked in the only person there was Shaun White. You know--olympic gold medalist snow boarder Shaun White. We admired each other's red hair which in the dream was styled very similarly. I told him I need a haircut. He took me into the salon and we walked through a very fancy main floor and then went downstairs where it was kind of shabby. He started my haircut and decided that I need some color and highlights. I was like, um, no I don't. But he proceeded anyway. He turned huge sections of my hair light blond. I was horrified. And then the dream was over.

Pregnancy makes for some very strange dreams, no?



  1. CLASSIC! I remember walking up exhausted from my dreams when I was preggo! hahaha...

  2. HAHA - scary that HE was the beautician. Though... on any woman, his hair could be quite lovely. Then again... it's on him.