Wednesday, March 10, 2010

3 years married

Today I am celebrating three years of marriage to my wonderful, kind, giving, funny, brilliant husband Jared. Happy Anniversary, love!
We will be doing a little something fun today but we actually already celebrated over the weekend. My mom came to town with my brother for a few days and we decided last minute to get away for a night. I had never spent a night away from Asher but I knew he'd be ok with my mom. Jared booked a night at the Anniversary Inn. We got a sweet deal on a beautiful room.

How funny is that angel in the bath? It wouldn't be Anniversary Inn if there wasn't something a little wacky.

It was so luxurious to spend a whole evening and night just the two of us. We got Thai food takeout, took a bath in the jacuzi tub, watched a movie. It was so relaxing.

The funny thing was that Asher didn't even act that excited to see us when we picked him up. (My mom had taken Asher with her to the U. My brother was attending a preview day.) When we got home, he wanted to nurse and boy was he excited then! He literally clapped and laughed.

And now a note to my husband:

It has been a wonderful, eventful three years. I love the life we are creating together. I love the people we are becoming together. I love the family we are nurturing together. I love you more, Jared. Here's to many, many more years.

your Katrina


  1. Happy Happy to both of you! xoxo, trina