Thursday, March 25, 2010

26 weeks and my new favorite maternity jeans

Here I am at 26 weeks pregnant. The baby/belly had a bit of a growth spurt recently I think. Either that or I've just been eating a lot. I gained 6 pounds this month. I'm feeling really good these days. The baby is moving a lot and I've even started having a few Braxton Hicks now and then.

I have also officially outgrown all my normal jeans. I'm wearing maternity pants full time now. When I was pregnant with Asher I was working and having to dress up so I only bought one pair of jeans. This time around I needed more, so I've purchased a couple pairs. These are my favorites. Gap Maternity No Panel Skinny Jeans. They are even on sale!

I love them because they are stretchy and yet don't look like maternity jeans. The genius is in the adjustable waistband--just like kids pants.

You can adjust the inner elastic so that as your belly grows so do your pants. They really are great and so cute. I love the flap back pockets and the saturated color.


  1. Uh I'd been eyeing these. And I just ordered them because how do you turn down $39? Here's hoping I don't have to return them for "longs".

  2. Oh you look so very cute Kat! Glad all is going well and that you got comfy jeans to pass the pregnant weeks by:)

  3. First, LOVE the pigtails, so so cute!

    Second, how is it that you wear pregnancy so well? If I wore it as well as you I'd have 6 kids...and it's not only vanity, you're so healthy! (Well, except for the pre-term labor with Asher, but I'm having faith and thinking it was a fluke.)

    Cute jeans, cute top, seriously cute shoes. You have the approval of a deep south georgia peach.

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