Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I started a post yesterday that didn't save because our internet was being lame. I decided not to feel bad about that though because I was mostly just complaining. You see, I've been feeling very blah lately and I was gonna tell you all about it. Instead I will just limit my complaining to the fact that although the nausea is letting up (yay!) I still can't find much food that actually sounds edible.... even though I am hungry. It stinks to be hungry but not feel like you can stomach anything. Makes me cranky.

Ok, enough of that.

Today I am feeling more chipper. For one, we are finally getting Asher sleeping better again! My boobs are especially grateful for this because we've now gone two nights in a row without nursing. Yay! Plus, now I'm getting more uninterrupted sleep which is always a good thing.

Also, I found out today that an essay I submitted to the Segullah Blog is going to published over there later this month. I'll let you know when they post it.

Thirdly, I'm actually feeling fairly motivated today to get some housecleaning done. I am going to tackle the HUGE mound of clean clothes on my bedroom floor. If I write it, it will happen, right?

Fourth, I think I need to say again that I have actually been feeling less nauseous the past 2 or 3 days. I'm hoping that means there is light at the end of this tunnel.

Lastly, in the hopes that it might give me an idea for something to eat, what is your favorite food? And for those who have been pregnant, what are some of your favorite things to eat while pregnant?

Thanks, friends!


  1. When I'm pregnant, I eat a LOT of citrus. The smell is invigorating to me rather than nauseating, plus it is readily available and does not need any preparation. For me, it's really the things that smell and take a long time to cook that make me nauseated. So bring on the clementines!!!

  2. Dido on the citrus. I ate a ton of pineapple and oranges while I was pregnant. I also loved strawberries with fruit dip. I couldn't stomach fish because it smelled so disgusting.

    Things I really loved when I was pregnant was fresh bruschetta and pasta of all kinds. I couldn't get enough of it. Of course, I often paid for eating tomatoes with acid reflux in the middle of the night.

    Your blog is bringing back all sorts of bad memories for me. I may never feel motivated to get pregnant again!

  3. I loved tacos, and Wendy's (hiding my head in shame) and anything sweet. FYI, I don't know if you are going to cd your newborn, but I'm selling some fitteds for fairly cheap (since Claire was over 10lbs and didn't really fit, there is no reason to keep them). Let me know if you are interested!

  4. I loved V8 and cucumbers (with skins off) dipped in ranch.

  5. The first tri was all about salty carbs... toast with butter spray or hash browns!!! Hang in there & CONGRATS!!!

  6. For nausea, cinnamon gum or cinnamon bears seemed to help, much better than mint.

  7. i always want fresh fruit when i'm pregnant, especially citrus. with george i lived off of bottles of that "simply orange" juice. this time i haven't really had many specific cravings, except for ice. i LOVE ice. always have.

  8. pumpernickle bagels, rootbeer floats and popcorn. the bagels were good with cream cheese and tomato with a sprninkling of salt and pepper. and that is just about all i ate. ever.

  9. 1) Do email me and share your Asher sleeping tips. I'm getting very ready to not nurse all night long.

    2) Congrats on Segullah!

    3) All I wanted was melted cheese and carbs--mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and bread, bread, bread. Go with the citrus if you can :)

  10. I loved rotisserie chicken. I could have eaten it every day. Hang in there!

  11. I can't wait to read your article!

    I am afraid I am no help on the food thing. I just didn't want to eat anything. Ever. Mostly I ate foods based on how little they'd hurt when I threw them up.

    hang in there!

    also... if you can get someone else to cook the food for you it seems to help make it more appetizing.

  12. Interestingly, when I'm pregnant, citrus is an immediate recipe for barf. I always want lemonade, but I immediately puke it up. Gross words. I craved grapes, alfredo, and pot roast.
    Anyway, I'm glad so much good stuff is going on with you. I miss you aaaaa lot.

  13. Nachos dude.

    I still think the Boy is built with salsa and black beans coursing through his veins.

    Get a pie plate. Mix up some black beans in a pot with taco seasoning (if you're feeling blah) or bell pepper, onions and garlic if you're not. Lay out a layer of corn chips on your pie plate, sprinkle the black beans all over. Next pull some frozen white corn out of the freezer and sprinkle on a layer of that. Top with cheese (or soy cheese) and bake in the oven at 375 until the cheese gets crispy. Add sour cream and salsa to taste. Inhale.

    Oh, and CONGRATS on the segulla essay! Can't wait to read it!

  14. Lets see... green apples, limes, and anything with basalmic vinegar. I feel your pain on the eating while pregnant dilemma. It is the worst part about being pregnant for me!