Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Me and Asher have been sick for days. Pretty sure it's not swine flu, or even normal flu. More like a really nasty cold. Asher has had a fever the past two days but so far today is feeling much cooler. And he's playing more, so I think we are on the mend.

Being sick is the pits. Being sick with a sick baby is the double pits.

After days of doing nothing but laying in bed or on the couch, my house is now in shambles. Crumby, dirty, messy shambles. Somehow, even sick, Asher manages to make big messes.

I am SO ready to feel better. And even more ready for this house to magically clean itself. A girl can dream.


  1. oh bummer!! I sincerely hope that you two are feeling better soon--and that the older kids are either helping out or staying at their mom's house!!

  2. Oh :(

    no fun. hope you both feel better soon.


  3. seriously nothing worse than being sick with a sick baby. i'm sorry. i will keep my fingers crossed that you are really on the mend and that it isn't something crazy that keeps coming back like we had this past summer (giardia).

  4. Sounds like Jared needs to be your fairy cleaner! Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Get better. . . and I like the bag :)