Sunday, November 8, 2009


(A picture from August)

The sickness has passed. Today my happy baby returned to me. I had forgotten what happy Asher is like after a week of sickness and ultimate crankiness. This afternoon he played and laughed and smiled. It was wonderful! I am feeling much, much better too. Thank goodness.

My mom (not that she's a doctor or anything) thinks we had the swine flu after all. Who knows. If it was, I say all the better because now we should be immune. Or maybe it was just a nasty cold.


  1. so glad you guys are feeling better, being sick sucks for everyone!

  2. So glad you're both feeling better!

  3. Soo happy you're both feeling better! Let's get together soon! For sure once I'm out of these brown boxes! :) xoxo, trina

  4. I'm so glad he's feeling better!! that is a happy picture (as Sara Jane mentioned)!