Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy halloween

I managed to catch a rather nasty cold this week, so I'm home while everyone else it out trick or treating. I even had a costume ready for tonight...guess I'll have to wear it next year. Of course, cute kids are much more fun to see in costume anyway. So hear ya go.

Yesterday the kids got to dress up for school. Olivia and Isaac are both vampires and Grace is Alice in Wonderland.

Tonight Olivia is trick or treating with friends so I didn't get another picture of her. Here are the other three. Grace is a cat tonight.

And here is my adorable WALKING skeleton boy.



  1. Grace is the PERFECT Alice in Wonderland!

    How funny is that, that we bought the same costume for our boys?

  2. I love how Olivia gets into those vampire poses! Melissa's right. Grace is perfect for Alice. And of course the boys are cuties, too.