Thursday, October 22, 2009

15 months old (yesterday)

Our boy is 15 months old and each day he seems less a baby and more a little boy. He is walking but not full-time yet. Each day the ratio of walking to crawling leans more towards the walking, but he's not totally sure about it yet. He can crawl like lightening so when he wants to go fast that is his method of choice.

He loves coloring, eating with a fork, chocolate, helping us cook, putting things in containers, being outside, sharing food with Mommy, giving the most wonderful hugs, playing with his big brother and sisters and nursing of course. He still nurses quite a bit. And despite my attempts at teaching him the sign for "milk" to use when he wants to nurse, he usually just crawls on my lap and pulls on my shirt. Not very discreet I'm afraid. He's also extremely loud and vocal although he doesn't say real words very often.

Every day we seriously love him more. He is such a delightful little chap and makes our lives such a joy.


  1. cute! cute! cute! p.s. i'm going to read that book you talked about recently on your blog. it looks so good!

  2. he looks like such a sweetie.
    really love his little toes : )

  3. Ahhhh! Cute little buddy boy.
    Also, I love the fall leaves pictures below!

  4. I cannot believe I have never met him in person! He is so adorable! Next time we are in Utah our families are definitely getting together. (maybe jared will grace us with some on the fly soup.)

  5. Haha...Avery crawls on my lap and pulls up my shirt when she wants to nurse too, except she also yells "NURSIE! NURSIE!" really loud. Not discreet at all.