Tuesday, September 8, 2009

old friends and temple flowers

The wedding I photographed on Saturday was of the little sister of my freshman roommate, Crystal. Two other friends from freshman year, Tiffany and Alicia, were at the wedding as well. I haven't seen these girls in 4 or 5 years probably. It was great to catch up!

As a sidenote, they aren't all super tall. They just all had heels on and I had flats on because I had to be comfy while I worked. Um, also, I am wearing a maternity dress for the same reason. So comfy. Not pregnant, just practical. It doesn't really look maternity, I swear.

And this is just a picture of some of the temple ground flowers. The grounds at all the temples are so gorgeous, especially this time of year.


  1. Ok 2 things...I totally wore a maternity dress to church the other day...I didn't think it looked maternity either, and then someone told me it was cute and I couldn't tell if they thought I was pregnant.
    And 2, when I saw you on Sat, I did a little double take when I saw the gathers on the front of your dress. Not that you look pregnant, because you DO NOT. But the gathers made me pause for minute.

  2. haha... uh oh. maybe I shouldn't wear that one again until I actually am pregnant. but it really is SO comfy. :-)

  3. How weird is it that you and I both saw Spjute this summer after a good 5 year absence? Weddings certainly bring people together! Everyone looks great :)

  4. i just wanted to say that your photos are getting lovelier and lovelier. can't wait to see the rest of the wedding ones!