Thursday, September 10, 2009

funny baby

Last week I went to Costco and bought a couple 8 packs of beans. They sat on the kitchen floor for a couple days (yeah, I'm too lazy to take them downstairs to the pantry) and when Jared went to put them away, he found lots and lots of Hebrew letter magnets stuck inside the plastic between the cans. This is after he pulled back the plastic to dig them out. Asher had punched a hole in the plastic and put all the letters in there.

I just love this kid so much. He makes me smile.


  1. so funny! what a little darling.
    i often find lily's binkies in strange places (most recently i found two at the bottom of my huge box of art supplies :)

    there must be something about this age and a fascination with dropping small things into mysterious abysses!

  2. Hi! Yes, dangit that we never had a movie night! I'm glad to find you blogging. We'll keep in touch!