Monday, July 6, 2009

roses are back

Are you sick of flower pics yet? Obviously, I'm not.
All of my beautiful roses died, the bushes were pruned (thanks to my Auntie), and now we are on round two.
This is the first of the roses to bloom again last week.
Don't you worry, there are more photos where these came from.

Also, I'm just a lazy blogger these days, and already edited images are easy to post.
I know today should be dedicated to an Independence Day recap. But we actually didn't do much. We didn't have the older kids and my plans of going to the Farmer's Market and Costco didn't quite work out. (Farmer's Market insanely busy and Costco closed.) Instead we made a quick Home Depot run, Jared took a few wrong turns, and we mostly hung out at home. By the time it was fireworks time, Asher needed to go to bed. But lucky for us, there is a nice little spot on our lawn where you can see between the trees and catch most of SLC's fireworks show.

Was anyone else sorely disappointed by the not-so-grand Grand Finale?

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  1. beautiful pictures! No, I'm not sick of them. :o) Keep 'em comin'!