Tuesday, July 7, 2009

case in point

Today at lunch, Asher "fed himself" avocado.
You may now see why I want a mess free snack once in awhile.

"What up, Mom?"

"Oh, what's that?"

"More green stuff! Yay!"


"Oh, hey, how's it going?"

"Man, I'm cute!"

(For anyone who cares, these are all straight out of the camera pics. No editing. I was feeling lazy tonight.)


  1. ha ha! WAY cute. Even with all the 'green stuff.' :o) Look at all his teeth! he's growing up.... it goes so fast!

  2. Ok well my next pattern project is going to be a bib with sleeves, and we are going to teach you to make one! I literally gave Avery 3 bathes most days for this exact reason. She always wanted to feed herself and I was happy to oblige, but it is so messy.

    Anyway, very cute.

  3. Isn't it great?? Asher is quite a cutie. I can't wait to try to make those cookies in your last post - they sound awesome! I'm always looking for something healthy to feed Joey- he is the worlds pickiest eater, so it's hard to get anything healthy into him! I LOVE the sneaky chef cookbooks - have you seen them? I use that stuff all the time on Joey (when I'm motivated) and he can usually never tell a difference!

  4. what a doll. seriously, he looks so happy!!

    speaking of bibs, my absolute favorite are the plastic wipe-off kind that you can get at Walmart or Target. They also have snaps in the front that make a little pouch that catches all the bits of food that get dropped before they get to the lap...seriously saves me SOOO much laundry!!

  5. yeah, we have two plastic rubbery bibs with the pocket but asher kinda hates them.

  6. After all the bibs, Dylan is still happiest eating completely stripped down. He's still the messiest, but the best eater of all three. Food is always an experiment for him in texture and taste. Skin doesn't stain and clean up with a wash cloth. There is even an educational philosopher to back up my approach--Maria Montessori--but mostly it's about convenience. (I got a pile of the cheap washclothes that we keep in a drawer for the kids--their "napkins" as they call them.

    So how many times has someone tripped over the back legs of your Ikea high chair? We have the same one. Liked and tripped on it on a regular basis.

  7. Renee, pretty sure someone trips on the legs at least every other day. But we still love the high chair.