Tuesday, June 30, 2009

midnight magic

"Woman with Infant Flying" Brian Kershisnik

Last night our air conditioning was not working properly and it was getting increasingly hot in our house, especially our bedroom. By midnight, when Asher woke up (pretty sure he's teething again or something), we turned off the AC altogether and Jared started opening windows and setting up the fan in our room. I escaped to the cool night air with Asher and laid in our hammock while I nursed him. The wind was blowing, the wind chimes chiming, and we found relief from the stuffiness of the indoors. Asher would look around at the blowing trees between drinks in wonder. It was delicious to lay there under the rustling leaves and just feel the breeze brush our skin. We cuddled and sang and rocked until the bugs discovered us. It was magical.

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