Tuesday, June 2, 2009

greetings from wyoming

I'm in a hotel in Cheyenne, Wyoming. We have just one more leg of our trip to drive before arriving in Salt Lake City sometime tomorrow afternoon. It will be SO good to be done with the car for awhile! Driving across the country with a 10 month old in the midst of teething is not the best way to travel. You should see his top gums. Both top middle teeth are trying to free themselves and those gums are HUGE! Given the circumstances, I must say he's been quite good though. 

Not sure how long it will be until we have internet at our house, so it may be awhile yet before regular posts are up again. And don't expect any pictures from our road trip because pretty much I haven't taken any. 

I need to get to sleep. I still can't believe I'm about to be a Utahn again. 


  1. yeah! Your trip is almost done. We stayed in Cheyenne too on our move from Omaha. Not a fun trip. Safe travels and will you let me know when you arrive?

  2. Are you there yet?

    Can't wait for an update. :)

    I tried vegan parmesan (from how it all vegan) using toasted sesame seeds, H20, and nutritional yeast flakes. Mixed it with the quinoa pasta you all tried when you were here and threw some diced tomatoes with Italian spices on top. Not bad. Doesn't really taste like parm, if you ask me, but it has a nice nutty kind of flavor.

  3. hurray for almost being to your new home! good luck!! ;)

  4. I sometimes wish I was moving back to good ol' Utah again. I really miss it!