Monday, June 22, 2009

father's day

We had a really nice Father's Day yesterday. The kids came back to our house about 9:30 and we gave Jared his present which had been previously wrapped and decorated on Thursday night when the kids were over and Jared was at work.

Here they are hard at work.

The kids also each made him a card. Jared's present was a new hammock to be hung in the back yard. Then per Jared's request we had Zoom (a cracked wheat hot cereal) with peaches and vanilla ice cream for breakfast/brunch.

Do these kids look like their dad or what?

We have 1 pm church, so we got all ready and walked down the street to church. I ended up having to leave after Sunday school because Asher had a fever. But Jared was able to stay and go to the primary to see the kids sing for all the dads. He said it was really wonderful. Each of the older kids also made a little book in primary where they filled in their dad's favorite things (or what they thought were his favorite things) and then their favorite things. It was funny to see what they thought.

For dinner I made a Three Bean Dal and Quinoa. Everyone but Isaac loved it, although he did eat it so that he could get cake for dessert.

I also got to talk to my dad on the phone. I have such a wonderful and generous father. I'm an extremely lucky lady. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing father and also such an amazing husband as the father of my children.

Jared is such a fun dad. His kids adore him. I just love seeing him with them. And of course I especially love seeing him with our little Asher. Asher loves his daddy very much. Thank you for all you do, Jared! We love you!

And here's a look at the new hammock which we hung up today. Turns out our trees are little too close together so the hammock is a little saggy, but still gets the job done, is very comfy and lots of fun.

Notice my extremely dirty feet. Didn't realize our yard was still wet from all the rain and hence rather muddy in some parts.

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