Friday, June 12, 2009

connected once again

We FINALLY got internet at our house this afternoon! That was the longest I've gone without it in quite some time. It was kinda nice actually, but I'm glad to be connected to the world again. A major natural disaster could have occurred and I'd have no idea because we don't have a tv either. We are still getting settled in Utah. Still unpacking. It has rained almost everyday since we've arrived. I thought this was a desert, people. It's been pretty cool too. I had to bust out Asher's long sleeve onesies again and have been donning a sweatshirt more often than not myself. I think we left NC at exactly the right time--just before it got oppresively hot there and in time to enjoy more spring weather here. Today was actually sunny and beautiful and we took advantage of it and went to the park. I love being able to walk places! We walk to church. We are in walking distance of several parks and even a few stores. I love just walking the neighborhoods here with all the old houses and trees and flowers. There are roses everywhere and I love it!

It still feels rather strange to be back here. To be LIVING here. Familiar and yet so different at the same time. I've never actually lived in Salt Lake City. But I have spent 9 (nonconsecutive) years of my life in Utah. I'm excited to spend more time with the family and friends I have here. I was pleasantly surprised that as we drove down I-80 from Wyoming into Utah I did feel a sense of homecoming. The mountains were gloriously green and lush looking and I realized I had missed them. I'm sure I will have to remind myself of that after months of snow and winter. NC made me soft. 

Of course the biggest reason we are so happy to be here is the kids. Their last day of school was Tuesday and they have been with us this week. For the summer they will be spending one week at a time at each parent's home with one dinner in the middle of the week with the other parent. Once school starts again things will have to be adjusted. It's been very fun to have them here. They absolutely ADORE Asher and he loves them! I love seeing them play with him.

Speaking of Asher, he's been a teething maniac. He cut 3 new teeth within a two day period! That brings his grand total to four. Two top, two bottom. I find it really funny to see these little teeth in his mouth now. I'll get a picture of them soon. 

We are really enjoying our house. I have a whole list of little projects I'd like to do. The front yard needs some work. It's fun to have a house with some character. And I love having SPACE! This house has tons of storage and a great flow. The kids have been loving the back yard and downstairs play room. There is even a little old metal shed in the corner of the back yard that has been dubbed the "Playhouse". They have the beach chairs set up in there. 

I know I need to post pictures but I haven't spent any time going through them yet and have more to take. Plus, we still have organizing and things to do. I'll get around to it this weekend or next week when the kids aren't here. 

I have lots of stuff to catch up on here in the blogosphere. I've missed you guys! And yes North Carolina, we miss you! And all the friends we left there. I wish we could have brought you all with us. 


  1. oh, thanks for the update!! I've been wondering how you were settling in--glad to hear it's been great so far. And you mentioned one of my favorite things about Utah in the spring--all the roses. I can almost smell them now...that's one thing I really miss about Provo.

  2. Good luck with your little list...mine just keeps growing and growing! I bet you'll love being closer to family!

  3. I'm disappointed to be leaving Utah tomorrow without getting to see you guys, but will be back in August for another visit with my family. Let's get together then. Until then, good luck with the unpacking, friend!

  4. YAY! I'm glad you're back!

  5. Hi Katrina,
    So nice to meet you! I've actually been on your blog before...can't remember what brought me here (probably a comment and our shared name thing) :), but so glad to be back here. I loved reading about your beautiful family, it's nice to see you are all well and I'm even happier that you are in SLC. How fun. We just went to Wheeler park Monday and will venture that way every couple weeks through the summer. It would be fun to meet up. :) Sending happy thoughts your way with your unpacking and settling. take care, trina (delightsgal)

  6. i have been hearing all about the fun rain from Mark's family and wish we had some thunderstorms and rain showers here! How fun.. :) The house sounds perfect!! I'm glad you're getting settled and feel 'home.' - such a great feeling!

  7. yay, glad you are here in UTAH!! let's get together a-sap. i have a pool at my place to lure you to PG. :)