Saturday, May 9, 2009

to my mother

Dear Mom,

I've always known I had a great mom. I really have. I know I had a bit of a bratty stage in high school, but I don't think I was really that bad. I never said I hate you or anything, right? I've always felt really lucky that I have you as my mother and that we've always gotten along so well. 

A few of my favorite things about you: 
  • Your laugh. Sometimes it's really loud but I like it.
  • How casual you are. You are very laid back and go with the flow. You've taught me that there is no point getting too stressed out about things.
  • Your art. I'm so glad I have an artist for a mother. I have learned so much from you about appreciating and creating beauty.
  • Your willingness to serve. This is something I didn't really appreciate until I became an adult. But you are always so willing to help others. I need to be more like you in this respect.
  • Your generosity. You have always been very generous with us kids and continue to be. And thank you so much for your generosity and acceptance of Olivia, Isaac, and Grace. 
  • That you always send packages on holidays. It's so much fun to know I'll get a little something in the mail. 
  • What a wonderful grandma you are. I love seeing you delight in Asher and all he does.
  • Your faith in me. You have always been so supportive of everything I do. You have always believed I can do anything.
Mom, these are only a few of reasons why you are so wonderful. You have been an example to me in so many ways. I don't have the words to explain the impact you've had on me. I fear everything I say will be a cliche. I wouldn't be alive without you and I wouldn't be the woman, wife, or mother I am without you either. 

Thank you. For everything.

Happy Mother's Day! I wish I could spend my first Mother's Day as a mother with you. I love you.

your first born,



  1. Katrina, That was really such a beautiful message to your mom. IT has me all choked up and thinking of my own mom and all she means to me! Thanks.

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