Sunday, May 17, 2009

last week

I promise I am working on my China Study post, but in the meantime here are some pictures of what we were up to last week. Because pictures are so much easier than writing for me these days. 

Asher and I rode the bus to campus with Daddy twice! Fun times in the carrier.

The wonderful Melissa and her Boy from Burnstopia came over for lunch and a play date. 

These two little dudes were born just 9 days apart, although it was supposed to be closer to a month. One came late and the other early. Don't you love their little cloth diaper bums?

Upon going in to get Asher up from his nap, I found this. 

He's mad because I walked back out to go get my camera so I could document the first standing in the crib moment. I knew it was coming because for days before this he would kneel and hold the rails. He's pretty much an expert puller-upper now. He even lets go sometimes, but doesn't last long that way. He's also started "cruising"--walking along whatever he is holding on to. 

And lastly, Asher has finally started teething. He has a nice swollen little gum on the bottom. He had a particularly rough night last night, so I'm really hoping this tooth comes in soon. 

On the agenda for this week: packing, packing, and more packing with a few photo sessions thrown in. T-minus 11 days until the big move!


  1. So, here I am at my mom's house and I knew that this would be a long, drawn out week for me while we await the anticipated closing of our house. So, I picked up The China Study last night at Barnes and Noble, thinking that it would give me something good to do this week to pass my time. And now, on page 135, I am totally hooked. Completely convinced. Feeling oh so passionate regarding the subject matter. Ready to make the switch beginning say....Friday. This is absolutely incredible.

  2. is he turning into a redhead after all???!!!

    My peanut is, did you know that? He's got crazy red tint and I love it!

    Good luck on the packing, we will be lucky to have you here!

  3. He definitely has a red tint although I would not call him a redhead. It all depends on the light. I think its going to be more blond than anything else.

  4. Great house! That is so exciting. Also, your website looks great!

  5. Such a cutie! My husband has red I hope we get at least one!

    I'm looking into doing the cloth diaper thing...I keep going back and forth.