Friday, April 24, 2009

funny face

A couple or three weeks ago Asher started doing this funny face which we find absolutely hilarious. Now I realize that those of you who aren't his parents might not find it quite as funny, but I had to share anyway since I finally got a picture of it yesterday. He had stopped doing it for a few days and I thought the phase was over, but he started it up again so I snapped away. 

First, here is a normal smile. 

And here is the crinkly face smile.

And the extreme crinkly face smile. 

Oh, it makes me laugh. It's way better in real life. He also does an unhappy version, which actually looks almost the same except he's complaining along with the face. What a goofy kid.


  1. He's adorable. And I love that he's surrounded by toys--but he's playing with a sock.

  2. I'm pretty sure you'd have to be made of stone to NOT find that funny. bring me picture of the crinkly sad face! :)

  3. Oh my gosh! He's so funny. And you can tell he's loving the attention. lol